Wednesday, August 26, 2009


* The Black Desert (Egypt): the desert with black stones

Located 100km northeast of the White desert, the Black Desert is a region of volcano-shaped mountains with large quantities of small black stones. The stones lie out across the orange-brown ground, so that it is not quite as black as many people may hope for. Especially after visiting the White Desert, which has formations that are really white, many will imagine a desert as dramatic as this. Climbing one of the many soft peeks, the view from the top is really nice, with similar peeks continuing on into the haze. The Black Desert is uninhabited.

* Antarctica: world's driest and wettest desert

Antarctica is a land of extremes. It's not inhabited year round by humans because it's simply too freezing cold. In 1983 scientists recorded extreme cold temperatures as low as -129 Fahrenheit. It's also the wettest place on Earth, but simultaneously the driest. The reason it's the “wettest” is not because of rainfall; since Antarctica is covered by 98% ice, it's technically very wet. However since it's also the aforementioned coldest place in the world, it gets very little precipitation – less than 2 inches a year. Which makes Antarctica a desert. A brutally cold ice desert with a massive trench full of even more…ice. Three for the price of one!

* Sahara (North Africa): world's largest desert

The Sahara, with a size of 8.6 million km², is the world's largest desert, covering large parts of North Africa. Around 4 million people live there. Its maximum length is 4,800 km, running from west to east, and up to 1,200 km from north to south. Sahara covers most of Mauritania, Western Sahara, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger and Mali, and touches Morocco and Tunisia.

* Simpson Desert (Australia): the red sand desert

Australia is home to four large deserts, popularized by Mad Max: Sturt's Stoney Desert, Tanami Desert, the Great Victoria Desert and the Simpson Desert, which is also known as 'The Big Red' due to the presence of dunes of red sand. The Simpson Desert is an erg which contains the world's longest parallel sand dunes. These north-south oriented dunes are static, held in position by vegetation. They vary in height from 3 metres in the west to around 30 metres on the eastern side. The most famous dune, Nappanerica, or, more popularly, Big Red (named by Simpson Desert traveller Dennis Bartell), is 40 metres in height.

* Namib (Namibia): the only desert with elephants

South of Africa lies the Namib desert. which is less vast than the Sahara but just as impressive. It forms part of the Namib-Naukluft National Park with neighbouring Angola. The Sossusvlei sand dunes are the highest in the world, some towering at 300m high and if you are lucky enough, you can stumble across desert elephants-the Namib is the only desert in the world to have elephants. Apparently the oldest desert in the world, myriad species of plants and animals can only be found here. The Namib has fascinated geologists for years but it remains very little understood to this day. Off the coast, strong southerly winds with fogs and strong currents cause sailors to lose their way; the north coast has been named 'Skeleton Coast' due to the amount of shipwrecks found there, some of which can be found as much as 50m inland, as the desert slowly takes over the ocean as it moves westwards.

* Taklamakan (Central Asia): a desert covered with snowfall

Taklamakan is one of the largest sandy deserts in the world, ranking 15th in size in a ranking of the world's largest non-polar deserts. It covers an area of 270,000 km2 (100,000 sq mi) of the Tarim Basin, 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) long and 400 kilometres (250 mi) wide. It is crossed at its northern and at its southern edges by two branches of the Silk Road as travelers sought to avoid the arid wasteland.

In 2008, China's biggest desert experienced its biggest snowfall and lowest temperature after 11 consecutive days of snow. Snow is rare in the desert that covered 337,600 square kilometers, never before had the whole desert been covered.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

19 August 2009

Today, I had lunch together with clients and colleagues at Darby Park hotel near my working place. We took lift to reach The 39 Restaurant which is located at 39 floors. It offers dazzling skyline views to me, thus, I quickly grab the chance to take some photos at the balcony.

Friday, August 14, 2009



關淑怡煩音辣㷫俞琤 13.08.2009


06年重返樂壇後,關淑怡( Shirley)先後開過兩次有口碑但無票房的演唱會,並於 07年加盟「星娛樂」做一姐。
近日推出廣東新碟《 Shirley's Era》,但外界反應一般,鍾意玩性格走偏鋒的關淑怡卻將責任全歸咎唱片公司宣傳不力,甚至打電話到各大電台,投訴播放率低,因而觸怒商台的俞琤,一度下封殺令。

拖足兩年,關淑怡的新碟《 Shirley's Era》終於在今年六月中面世,校正在她和唱片公司兩年合約期屆滿前推出。但唱片推出以來,無聲無息又缺乏宣傳,主打歌《地盡頭》在電台的播放率亦偏低。


「 Shirley自己打電話俾三個電台嘅負責人,叫人播多啲佢嘅新歌,本來無乜問題,不過佢成日打電話去嘈人哋,又話無理由佢首歌上唔到第一位,有次仲嘈到去俞琤度。」知情者說。


一度在樂壇銷聲匿跡的關淑怡, 06年復出開演唱會並再簽唱片公司,但性格影響命運,三年來事業毫無起色,點谷都冇用。


Monday, August 3, 2009

Backstreet Boys

Album: Backstreet Boys
Category: R&B, Dance-pop, Pop
Label: Jive
Release Date: May 6, 1996
Singer: Backstreet Boys
~ Kevin Richardson (Left the group on June 23, 2006)
~ Nick Carter
~ Brian Littrell
~ A.J. McLean
~ Howie Dorough
Vincent's favourite songs: Anywhere for You, I'll Never Break Your Heart, Quit Playing Games (With My Heart), Every Time I Close My Eyes

Track list:
01. We've Got It Goin' On – 3:44
02. Anywhere for You – 4:45
03. Get Down (You're the One for Me) – 3:55
04. I'll Never Break Your Heart – 4:52
05. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) – 3:56
06. Boys Will Be Boys – 4:09
07. Just to Be Close to You – 4:54
08. I Wanna Be With You – 4:10
09. Every Time I Close My Eyes – 4:00
10. Darlin – 5:36
11. Let's Have a Party – 3:53
12. Roll With It – 4:44
13. Nobody but You – 3:06

Bonus Track:
14. Lay down beside me – 5:26

I went to buy cheap CD again at One Utama last Sunday (2/8/2009) after I had enough rest on that day. I went to client office to work from 10.30pm on 1/8/2009 and back home at 6.30am the next day. I didn't sleep for the whole night, it was essential for me to rest well at home.
This is the first album for Backstreet Boys. I still can remember that one of my classmate borrowed this album to a girl in order to develop relationship with her as lover. My cousin sister also brought this album to my house. Thus, I had a chance to listen all the songs performed by them. I really like most of the songs in this album and they started to become popular and well known worldwide. I am happy to buy this album because it give me full of sweet memories. I was used to recall my teenager time when listening to this album. I was studied form four in secondary school at that time.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

潮流特區:連身戰衣 Jump得起 01.08.2009

Jumpsuit在本季大行其道,夾過或是心有靈犀也好,各個品牌如 Chloè、 Stella McCartney等都一窩蜂推出 jumpsuit。顧名思義, jumpsuit賣點是方便靈巧,可供閣下跳彈彈,百花齊放的情況下,有牛王工人 feel的、有性感的如露背、低胸、露肩的,加一條皮帶在腰間作上下身的分水嶺,跳脫 jumpsuit立時加強女人味。褲腳款式也立體變化多端,四個骨或摺腳的有一份 casual動感, full length bell腳的則有 contemporary feminine,各適其適, You Jump! I Jump!

關淑怡 爽朗型格

冷面加天籟歌聲,再配上瘦削形的 sex appeal,造就關淑怡型格的中堅位置,彈性高強的 jersey jumpsuit,令她可闊步行走舞台,與她遼闊的歌聲成漂亮正比。