Monday, September 29, 2008

Hari Raya Puasa Holiday 2008

I will go back to hometown by bus on 1st October and back to KL again on 4th October due to the Hari Raya holiday. I won’t online for this period because no internet connection at home. It is a good time for me to have a break because I had been told by boss that I will have a busy working life after this holiday. New project will start and I need to get myself be prepared for it. Besides enjoying family life, I will spend some time to study new technologies for my work. I know that this holiday will past very soon, therefore I will appreciate every minutes that I stay at hometown with family members. I think my sister will bring her 2 daughters and naughty son comes to my house during that time. Hereby, I wish all my friends will enjoy this coming holiday.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rear Fishes

My cousin brother keeps many types of fishes as pet at his house. Every time when I went to his house, I would keep looking at his aquariums. He is the one who influenced me to rear fish and this has became my favourite hobby. He gave me some fishes to rear for the first time and he told my mother that I don’t know the technique to rear fish.

The beauty of discus fish fascinated me. During 2003-2004, I rear discus in my room. I bought 2 small discuses in my hometown and bought them to Kuala Lumpur. When I reach my rented house, I went to a pet shop nearby to buy an aquarium. At the same time, I bought the remaining discus in this shop because the boss wanted to end the business. This was a great chance for me to buy discus with lower price. Sometimes, I bought few more discuses with different species. However, before I went to Beijing China for business trip, virus infected one of my fish. At the end, all discus that I kept died. I am sad because one of them already lay eggs and I was so excited to wait for the baby discus. I often dream about my discus. Although they are not with me anymore, I still miss them.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Company

After graduated from university on March 2003, I was not able to find a job until June 2003. I got an interview request offered by the IT Department from university because I undergo industry training there. Actually the employer is a friend of the management. Luckily, I was successfully selected by the business man and started to work at his new set up company located at Sri Petaling in June 2003. I decided to resign from this company end of July because I need to prepare for the convocation ceremony. Actually this is the reason I told my boss because the job function was not related to IT. In fact, I didn't know what is the main business that my boss was doing. At that time, I had a female colleague who work together in the office. We were the only 2 staffs in company, both of us felt like a sibling and the company was our family under the same roof. After my resignation, I still keep in touch with the female colleague. She always updated me with my ex-boss's news too. Unfortunately, my ex-boss having some mental problem.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tertiary Education

After I had taken STPM examination, I was successfully to be selected to enter University of Malaya located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor to further my studies. In this case, I was considered as lucky because not much Chinese student can enter local university in Malaysia. I intended to study computer science course offered by this university and this is my third selection while filling up the UPU application form. I went to my uncle's house and request him to give me opinions and advices in order to make the appropriate decision on courses that I should choose. My uncle had chosen some of the courses for me, such as computer science, engineering, architect and so on.

This was the first time I left my hometown and started to live independently in another city. I still can remembered the day when I was leaving my house, my mother was standing near the gate, waved her hand, said goodbye to me and asked me to take good care of myself while carrying my niece. I really felt sad for the leaving. My father and I took bus to Kuala Lumpur and my brother already book one hotel for us to stay over one night. The next day, he drove us to UM and I reported myself at the 11th residential college which already assigned to me.

Secondary School

After my 6 years primary school life, I went to another secondary school to continue my studies, which is Sekolah Menengah Tanah Putih, Kuantan. Many things happened there. I will try to recall some of the important things and post them here.

I started my Form 6 education in Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abu Bakar, Kuantan. For this one and a half year, some of my ex-schoolmate joined me for car pooling to go to school. I am the driver and need to go around picking them up. I took STPM on 1999 and get an average result to enter local university.

Every year, we will have gathering on the first day of Chinese New Year and take some photos at my friend's house. I do not know when it started to become our yearly routine activity. For guys, we will have gambling while the girls will enjoy chatting to each other. This is the only chance for me to meet some of them in hometown.

Year 2003

Year 2005

Year 2008

Year 2009

Year 2010

Primary School

After a year I spent my time in kindergarden, I was ready to start my standard 1 education at Sekolah Rendah Chung Ching, Kuantan which my brother & sister studied in. I couldn't forget that on one day, when I was playing with other classmates in the school hall during recess time, I fall down and make my uniform dirty. After that, teacher got a uniform for me to exchange in the classroom. Although I was a kid at that moment, I was so embarrass to change it behind other classmates while teacher was teaching in the class. Maybe because of this incident, I was categorized as a "naughty student" and need to transfer to new school when standard 2.

I was transferred by Ministry of Education to further studies in a new school named Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Semambu, Kuantan. The first day, I don’t go to school because my uncle said he can help me not to transfer to the new school. After the second day, I had been told that I was not successful to continue studied at my previous school. Thus, my parents bring me to the new school and explore the new environment with me. At the early stage, my new school not yet finished development. Therefore we had to utilise temporary toilet which was built by wood.

This picture was took in 1991 before we all graduated from primary school. Now, you can make a guess where am I in this picture.

Took a photo during award day 1988. I attended it with mother and sister. My sister had a performance on stage and dancing too.


I started my pre-school education in a kindergarten near my house when I was 6 years old. I almost forgot what I did there because it happened long time ago. However, I still could remember that the first day for me to go kindergarten, I was crying and didn’t want to go there. My mother tried to console and bring me in. Finally, I had no choice and had to attend my first class. At that time, I already started to play with the blackboard and chalks. In my mind, they are magical and interesting invention which need each other to function well. My main activities in kindergarten were learning numbers, studied simple Mandarin words and language, playing games in a group with other mates, coloring, break for tea time, etc. In conclusion, it was a fun and wonderful experience for myself to study in kindergarten.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First song in my life

I love music since I was a kid. When I studied in standard 1, my brother participated his school trip to Penang. He bought some cassettes after the trip. He like to play the cassettes by using my father's old radio at home. At that time, I had been well trained by him to listen to Hong Kong pop songs. I still can remember the singers in that compilation album. It contains Sam Hui, Jacky Cheung, Danny Chan, Leslie Cheung, Alan Tam and other famous singers in the 80s.


The first CD that I bought in my life is "Roxette - Don't Bore Us Get to the chorus". I started to buy CD when I was studying in secondary school. It is hard for me to save pocket money in order to buy myself a CD that cost me RM38++. At that time, my father gave me RM5 as pocket money for a week. I understand that it is hard for my father to earn money because he is just a welder. Therefore, I always feel grateful for that. He had tried his best to give me a bright future and good life.

I bought a lot of cheap CD after I started my studies in KL. Whenever I went to shopping complex, I always look for the cheap CD. I bought few CD wallets to keep all my CD. Sometimes I feel happy because can own albums that I like with lower price. This gives me satisfaction too.

Grandmother's big house

In my childhood, I like to join all my cousins to have fun at my grandmother's house. Really miss the time staying with them. All of us are naughty, playing toys and ride a small bicycle while our parents will busy look after us. Sometimes, we will fight to get a toy. However, crying is an easiest way to win the fight. Whenever someone is crying, parents will give him/her a toy to make him stop crying. Having the meal together, eating ice-creams, a lot of games, etc… let the time pass without realize this. Grandmother still not yet fall in sick at that time and she love every of her grandchild.
My childhood was safe and sane. No abuse and no traumas. I was surrounded by a large and loving family who taught me the importance of hard work and a meaningful education.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

寧濫勿缺 擸盡「希女郎」Juno失驚無神Call鄭融埋堆 13.09.2008


對宿敵陳冠希步步進逼的麥浚龍,將對方的緋聞女友一網打盡,繼鍾欣桐、Rosanne、薛凱琪、Amanda S.與趙頌茹後,最近又向鄭融埋手!


除了一網打盡「希女郎」外,Juno更戴上Edison曾代言的Jacob & Co.手錶及戒指,以主人家身份接待賓客,他坦言知道緋聞女友鍾欣桐(阿嬌)不在港,所以未有邀請:「我㳜有聯絡,佢通常用Message覆,我聽講佢唔効香港,所以費事打擾佢。」對於Edison亮相紐約時裝騷,他表示不知情,但亦不忘晒命說:「我都成日周圍飛,好似日本、紐約、巴黎咁,好多時裝騷請我去,但抽唔到咁多時間。」



脫下情戒的Juno,戴上Edison曾代言的Jacob & Co.手錶及戒指。


「Think Silly」網站新面貌揭幕派對前晚舉行,主人家麥浚龍(Juno)請了關淑怡、2R、鄭融及鄭欣宜男友等出席,他更刻意佩戴朋友送贈的手表和戒指亮相。Juno坦言有邀請緋聞女友鍾欣桐(阿嬌)出席,但她以短訊回覆不能出席。





Edison舊愛轉撐場 Juno開派對親自請阿嬌

女子組合2R的Rosanne和Race、鄭融、木村乃及關淑怡等,前晚齊齊到中環出席「THINK SILLY網站新面貌揭幕派對」,其中鄭融和關淑怡都穿上露肩裙,性感搶鏡。身為主人家的麥浚龍(Juno)身穿黑色西裝,手上戴上Marc Jacobs贊助的鑽戒和鑽石表。






Juno博宣傳邀撐場 阿嬌覆短訊拒赴會 中秋節四川送暖





Juno慘食阿嬌大檸檬 13.09.2008


  (星島日報報道) 麥浚龍(Juno)前晚穿黑西裝及戴朋友送贈的手表和戒指出席「Think Silly」網上雜誌面世及店鋪開幕派對,可惜邀請緋聞女友出席時,被阿嬌派檸檬婉拒了。








前晚,Juno身穿西裝出席THINK SILLY網上雜誌開幕派對,並自爆主動邀請鄭融和關淑怡出席。問他可有邀請阿嬌?Juno表示:「我同佢有聯絡,但佢好似唔香港,可能係因為工作,佢有send留言畀我話唔到,所以費事再打擾佢。」






麥浚龍邀請出席派對 阿嬌請食檸檬

【明報專訊】麥浚龍(Juno)與陳冠希(Edison)被指爭奪本地潮人地位,日前Edison到紐約睇騷增值。前晚Juno出席網上雜誌THINK SILLY的紀念派對時,也承認以往曾到紐約、巴黎及日本睇騷,擺明不讓死敵專美。








浚龍舉行派對 圈中好友撐場

【本報訊】(記者 黃佩麗)THINK SILLY為網上雜誌面世及新店開幕舉行派對,出席嘉賓包括麥浚龍、2R、關淑怡、鄭融等,欣宜的洋男友亦和友人一起出席。問主人家麥浚龍為什麼不邀請阿嬌鍾欣桐出席?他說:「我最近有和她聯絡,亦有傳短訊邀請她,她回覆說來不到,可能她不在香港。」





Monday, September 8, 2008

關淑怡唱歌觀眾冇反應 07.09.2008


關淑怡(Shirley)前晚穿上Max Mara長裙與鄭融、周柏豪出席《愛心滿東華慈善晚會》,雖然Shirley不接受傳媒訪問,但全程笑面迎人。不過,她上落台及獻唱時不斷用手扯長裙,以免kick倒出醜人前,當Shirley唱完歌見觀眾沒有反應,即說:「係咪好悶呀?我唔識搞氣氛,好渣。」當唱出《只得一次》時又忘記歌詞。




穿長裙登台 關淑怡步步為營

【本報訊】(記者 李思穎)關淑怡、鄭融、周柏豪前晚為「愛心滿東華慈善晚會」擔任表演嘉賓,壓軸出場的關淑怡因穿上的晚裝太長,加上一對高跟鞋,她在台上時不慎踩到自己的裙子,之後便步步為營,期間關淑怡演繹《只得一次》歌曲時忘記歌詞,又見台下觀眾沒有反應,關淑怡自嘲說:「係咪好悶?我好渣,唔記得歌詞又唔識搞氣氛。」台下觀眾即時「識做」,報以掌聲。






關淑怡(Shirley)、鄭融、周柏豪與新人朱韻詩前晚為《愛心滿東華慈善晚會》擔任表演嘉賓,身穿Max Mara長裙配四吋高鞋的Shirley,上落台均非常小心,由於獻唱時台下反應不大,她笑笑口說:「係咪好悶?我唔識搞氣氛,好渣!」其後獻唱《只得一次》時,她又忘記歌詞,事後再自嘲很「渣」。









Sunday, September 7, 2008

關淑怡囝囝morning kiss逗成日 06.09.2008








麥浚龍盼盡快搬屋 有疑似妓女出入







【本報訊】(記者 李思穎)關淑怡、麥浚龍、黃耀明、張舒雅前晚出席「Milk X兩周年派對」。麥浚龍出席旗下雜誌的活動,當被稱是老闆仔時,他連忙說:「我不是老闆,也不是老闆仔,你們問大寶(麥浚龍的哥哥)啦。」問到為何不請緋聞女友鍾欣桐出席,他說:「呢度唔係我話事。」當記者發覺他沒有戴上跟阿嬌的「情侶戒指」,莫非如傳聞所指已經分手?麥浚龍強調:「我是單身,沒有拍拖,根本唔係情侶戒指。我時戴時不戴更加不是情侶戒指。(你們鬧翻了?)大家是好朋友,點會鬧交?」











麥浚龍(Juno)兄長麥浚翹(大寶)投資的《MILK X》雜誌前晚於灣仔舉行兩周年派對,出席者除Juno、關淑怡、黃耀明和張舒雅外,名單上本來還有陳冠希契姊楊千嬅,但千嬅方面其後卻聲稱因為工作關係未能出席。



[ 即時新聞]

【on.cc專訊】 關淑怡(Shirley)以壓軸表演嘉賓出席《愛心滿東華慈善晚會》,由於穿上超長裙及四吋高跟鞋,見她在上台不停用手扯長裙,上落樓梯顯得步步為營,非常小心,獻唱一曲後Shirley見觀眾沒有反應,即說:「係咪好悶?我唔識搞氣氛,呢方面好差!」

疑似妓女出沒家門揾屋搬 麥浚龍脫情戒宣布無拖拍







Saturday, September 6, 2008

關淑怡黃耀明出碟鬥慢 05.09.2008


由麥浚龍 (Juno)的兄長創辦的雜誌舉行周年紀念活動,關淑怡 、黃耀明 以嘉賓身分出席,關淑怡近期忙於籌辦出碟,但感到好歌難求,已打友情牌請at17 和謝安琪 幫手作曲,而在活動上她剛遇上明哥,還高興地指對方答允為自己的新碟任監製,又抵死說:「我以為自己做碟慢,原來都未算,明哥的新碟做了年多,我的不過是8個月,哈哈。」

[ 即時新聞]

【on.cc專訊】 關淑怡(Shirley)出席活動,談到上月15日生日,一班歌迷在尖沙咀及奧海城買廣告位祝賀她生日快樂,Shirley笑說:「我都係在討論區知道呢件事,真係好愕然,但好驚喜。」她本想靜靜地與家人共度生日,結果當天收到很多朋友來電祝賀,令生日變得熱鬧。問到囝囝送甚麼禮物?她笑說:「佢一朝早就啜我一啖,已經冧晒,唔需要禮物喇!」