Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Company

After graduated from university on March 2003, I was not able to find a job until June 2003. I got an interview request offered by the IT Department from university because I undergo industry training there. Actually the employer is a friend of the management. Luckily, I was successfully selected by the business man and started to work at his new set up company located at Sri Petaling in June 2003. I decided to resign from this company end of July because I need to prepare for the convocation ceremony. Actually this is the reason I told my boss because the job function was not related to IT. In fact, I didn't know what is the main business that my boss was doing. At that time, I had a female colleague who work together in the office. We were the only 2 staffs in company, both of us felt like a sibling and the company was our family under the same roof. After my resignation, I still keep in touch with the female colleague. She always updated me with my ex-boss's news too. Unfortunately, my ex-boss having some mental problem.

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