Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First song in my life

I love music since I was a kid. When I studied in standard 1, my brother participated his school trip to Penang. He bought some cassettes after the trip. He like to play the cassettes by using my father's old radio at home. At that time, I had been well trained by him to listen to Hong Kong pop songs. I still can remember the singers in that compilation album. It contains Sam Hui, Jacky Cheung, Danny Chan, Leslie Cheung, Alan Tam and other famous singers in the 80s.


The first CD that I bought in my life is "Roxette - Don't Bore Us Get to the chorus". I started to buy CD when I was studying in secondary school. It is hard for me to save pocket money in order to buy myself a CD that cost me RM38++. At that time, my father gave me RM5 as pocket money for a week. I understand that it is hard for my father to earn money because he is just a welder. Therefore, I always feel grateful for that. He had tried his best to give me a bright future and good life.

I bought a lot of cheap CD after I started my studies in KL. Whenever I went to shopping complex, I always look for the cheap CD. I bought few CD wallets to keep all my CD. Sometimes I feel happy because can own albums that I like with lower price. This gives me satisfaction too.

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