Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rear Fishes

My cousin brother keeps many types of fishes as pet at his house. Every time when I went to his house, I would keep looking at his aquariums. He is the one who influenced me to rear fish and this has became my favourite hobby. He gave me some fishes to rear for the first time and he told my mother that I don’t know the technique to rear fish.

The beauty of discus fish fascinated me. During 2003-2004, I rear discus in my room. I bought 2 small discuses in my hometown and bought them to Kuala Lumpur. When I reach my rented house, I went to a pet shop nearby to buy an aquarium. At the same time, I bought the remaining discus in this shop because the boss wanted to end the business. This was a great chance for me to buy discus with lower price. Sometimes, I bought few more discuses with different species. However, before I went to Beijing China for business trip, virus infected one of my fish. At the end, all discus that I kept died. I am sad because one of them already lay eggs and I was so excited to wait for the baby discus. I often dream about my discus. Although they are not with me anymore, I still miss them.


WS TENG said...

Aiya, don't be so sad bah. Be happy, hehe.

Wois said...

ya lor... ws teng is right... why u always sad ? :P