Sunday, December 19, 2010

SGAM Treasure Hunt to Cameron Highlands, 11-12.12.2010

I had to sleep early on my birthday night because my colleagues & I represented my company to participate a treasure hunt to Cameron Highlands on the next day which was organized by Share Guide Association Malaysia. This was my first time to join a treasure hunt event.

I was the driver and needed to fetch 3 colleagues from my office to KL Bird Park for gathering. Therefore, I got out from my house about 6am. We reached KL Bird Park quite early and other contestants hadn't reached yet.

A staff from the event organizer helped us to take this photo while waiting for other people to reach.

The treasure hunt ended at Bidor after we submitted all our answers and items. We took a light meal in Bidor. After the lunch, we drove up to Cameron from Simpang Pulai direction. However, we were stuck in the jam along the way up to Brinchang for almost two hours before we reached hotel at 6.15pm.

The view of our hotel room, clean and tidy.

We had buffet style of dinner & breakfast at this hotel cafeteria. The winners of the treasure hunt were announced during our dinner time.

Our hotel, Century Pines Resort is located at Tanah Rata.

The driveway approach to the hotel reception entrance is big and spacious with ample parking space. We took some photos near car park before we departed to go back KL.

Our group photo, but the cameraman had to sacrifice himself to help us get a good shot of picture.

Along our way back to Kuala Lumpur, we stopped by at a bee farm for a short visit.

Visiting an apiary can be quite an educational experience as one can find out more about the life cycle of bees and how the honey is extracted from the beehive and health benefits of honey.

Company trip to Club Med, 4-6.12.2010

We were waiting for the bus to arrive in the restaurant near my office. My company hired 2 buses to send us to destination.

The resort rooms are well equipped, each room is furnished with 2 single beds, a bed-side-table with lamp, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet, fridge, TV, air-condition and other basic facilities. Each room also feature telephone and scurity box as well as towels, soap and sampoo in the bathroom.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

關淑怡中環Shopping塞住對耳 01.12.2010

【 東方互動 專訊】 關淑怡(Shirley)早前被指欠債,頻頻向友人「撲水」應急,但她已否認此事,心情也未受影響。日前Shirley邊聽歌邊行街,出巡到中環為愛子置新裝,可惜連逛多間時裝店仍未找到心頭好,最後只好乘的士離去。


Monday, November 15, 2010

Stay closely with Shirley Kwan (Interview)

Today I take sick leave and sleep at home because worked in the midnight for 2 days last weekend. While staying at home, I accidentally find out some precious interview short clips for Shirley Kwan in Youtube website. I choose some of them to post in my blog. I hope that everybody will like those clips as well.


TVB型人型乐馆 28.04.2007

蔡冕丽(Mini Choi)/夏至 interview SK

DJ Mini interview SK 《係Friend至講》 Part 1

DJ Mini interview SK 《係Friend至講》 Part 2

DJ Mini interview SK 《係Friend至講》 Part 3

DJ Mini interview SK 《係Friend至講》 Part 4

林夕私会关淑怡 Part 1

林夕私会关淑怡 Part 2


Nokia爱乐享乐903飞驰中的音乐会 - 李克勤,谢安琪,张敬轩,关淑怡 13.09.2007

John Richmond 活动 - Fashion Interview 06.05.2008

新碟访问 15.05.2009

One Starry Night An evening with Shirley Kwan 关淑怡澳门威尼斯人酒店金光综艺馆演唱会 09.10.2010

黄耀明x关淑怡 忘记他是她演唱会澳门站 12.11.2011

E+Focus 访问 2012

与Juno合作[锁骨]有火花 2012

Friday, November 5, 2010

關淑怡遊車河保持熱情 04.11.2010




談到感情事,Shirley表示不抗拒拍拖,但亦不著急,她笑指自己可能在娛樂圈太久,對靚仔已無感覺。反而,她希望能找到一位與她思維相近,能交心的圈外伴侶。節目中,她們更相約了與Shirley合作無間的著名音樂總監Terry Chan,回味大家初期合作的趣事。Terry大爆Shirley在一次慈善音樂會中因嗓子欠佳,突然要求轉調,嚇到他要即席降調,驚險非常。Terry更戲言與Shirley合作必須預備八個調子,以備她隨時轉調的可能。Mini為了表揚關淑怡的天籟之音,故與Terry即席寫了一首名為《劍》的歌曲予Shirley,意思是她的聲線像劍一樣,揮灑自如。

【明報專訊】關淑怡 接受無線娛樂新聞台《係Friend至講》節目訪問,坦言不抗拒拍拖,只是她毫不著急,還笑言可能在娛樂圈太久,對靚仔沒有感覺,反而想找到一個與她思維相近,能交心的圈外伴侶。


關淑怡想搵圈外男交心 04.11.2010



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

16.10.2010 Part 2 - Orchid Park, KL

After the lunch, my friend and I plan to have a short photo shooting session. It was a hot sunny day and we reached Orchid Park, Kuala Lumpur about 2.30pm. Taking photos under the sun was not a good experience for myself and I did sweat a lot.

It was my first time to be there after staying in KL for 10 years. KL Bird Park is quite near to Orchid Park too. However, we didn't make a visit to bird park. After the visit, I drove home and took a nap as usual for every weekend.

16.10.2010 Part 1

Today my company held its' sport event at The Club, Bandar Utama. This time, I decided to play table tennis with my colleagues. It's been a long time since I play table tennis in primary school. I reached there at 9am and started to play it with colleagues while other colleagues enjoy playing futsal, gym, badminton, swimming, etc. I left at 11.15am because had a lunch appointment with friend.

I took a quick shower after I reached home, and then went to fetch my friend at his house. We were heading to Oriental Pavilion restaurant which is located at Jaya33, Section 14. My friend bought me a dim-sum lunch there. He hold a birthday discount voucher for RM50, in the end, he just paid RM19.90 on top of the total bill.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

闗淑怡.如詩的歌 17.10.2010




9 號晚,Shirley開了一場《One Starry Night——An Evening with Shirley Kwan》演唱會。梳覑一頭型格短髮的她,由《幻影》開始,獻唱多首悅耳的、別人的金曲。那全是她的個人喜愛,包括《情人》、《這是愛》、《藍月亮》、 《明知故犯》等。最感動我的是《失樂園》(草蜢原唱),由電子結他伴覑她柔美的歌聲,如泣如訴,一字一詞震盪心靈,像06年《關於我 關淑怡演唱會》中的《明年今日》一樣,她給歌曲賦與新的生命,成為獨一無二的「Shirley's version」。

換過單袖上衣及熱 褲皮靴,關淑怡接連唱出一串快歌,新歌《天規》、大熱的《叛逆漢子》、《Dela》、《午夜狂奔》都有了。這部分有點瑕疵﹕音樂蓋過她的歌 聲,Shirley也忘記部分歌詞,情形雖沒08年《Unexpected關淑怡演唱會》般嚴重,但我認為她應該可以唱得更好的。


壓 軸是首本名曲——《假的戀愛》、《一首獨唱的歌》、《繾綣星光下》,當然少不了《難得有情人》(為何每次都唱這些大路歌?Shirley的聽眾應該容得下 更多冷門歌的)。當唱《地盡頭》時,她把短髮熨貼梳一邊,一襲黑色緞子墊膊高釵長裙,讓玲瓏身段在超貼身的剪裁下,展現出若隱若現的性感(Shirley 讀時裝設計出身,品味不俗)。林夕的詞襯上她如詩般的嗓音,絕對是一次優美的演繹。關淑怡唱的往往是一種意境,她是歌曲的領航員,能帶領你的耳朵到天際, 飄落到虛幻出塵的境界。




Friday, October 15, 2010

張錦滿專欄:關淑怡在澳門再戰一場 14.10.2010





在傷感歌曲之後,還要再推一陣高潮,把壓箱的作品演出來。《難得有情人》 之後有《繾綣星光下》,但都未是Encore之前的壓軸。演唱會最關鍵時間,她唱的竟是別人的歌,是否沒有足夠的膽量與信心呢?她不挑戰自己。她選唱王菲的《我願意》,前奏一響起,我便閉起眼來,焚一炷心香,預備接受穿透靈魂的感動。關淑怡以她的氣腔,其實要表達其中的空靈與深情,可說是勝任如魚得水的,而她這一次演繹,應該算是不失禮,這已夠厲害,因為她可與最佳演繹者相比。