Monday, November 15, 2010

Stay closely with Shirley Kwan (Interview)

Today I take sick leave and sleep at home because worked in the midnight for 2 days last weekend. While staying at home, I accidentally find out some precious interview short clips for Shirley Kwan in Youtube website. I choose some of them to post in my blog. I hope that everybody will like those clips as well.


TVB型人型乐馆 28.04.2007

蔡冕丽(Mini Choi)/夏至 interview SK

DJ Mini interview SK 《係Friend至講》 Part 1

DJ Mini interview SK 《係Friend至講》 Part 2

DJ Mini interview SK 《係Friend至講》 Part 3

DJ Mini interview SK 《係Friend至講》 Part 4

林夕私会关淑怡 Part 1

林夕私会关淑怡 Part 2


Nokia爱乐享乐903飞驰中的音乐会 - 李克勤,谢安琪,张敬轩,关淑怡 13.09.2007

John Richmond 活动 - Fashion Interview 06.05.2008

新碟访问 15.05.2009

One Starry Night An evening with Shirley Kwan 关淑怡澳门威尼斯人酒店金光综艺馆演唱会 09.10.2010

黄耀明x关淑怡 忘记他是她演唱会澳门站 12.11.2011

E+Focus 访问 2012

与Juno合作[锁骨]有火花 2012

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