Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Apple iPhone 3GS

I bought my iPhone 3GS 32G at Maxis Centre, KLCC after my lunch on 2nd July 2010. Initially I went to Digi shop in KLCC to enquire for detail information about their package plan. After the promoter had briefed me, he then told me that they had been given notice because there was no more stock available at most of the digi centre nearby until 7th July. Therefore, I went to Maxis centre to sign up for their promotion package. I prefer to choose either Digi or Maxis for the service provider.

I used my AirAsia Citibank credit card to make payment and able to enjoy 30% discount off from the iPhone's price which the promotion will end on 16 August 2010. Anyhow, the entire price was still slightly expensive than Digi. Maxis offers 4 types of plans under iValue plan. I had decided to sign up for plan iValue2 and contract period is 24 months.

Phone price: RM1490
Monthly fee: RM155 (Claim RM100 from company for monthly phone bill expenses)
Free local calls: 667 minutes
Free data: 1G
Free SMS: 200
Free MMS: 20
Call rates: 12cent/minute
SMS rates: 10cent/SMS


单身汉 said...

為何不等DIGI的? 分期付款嗎?

Vincent Chow said...

No stock at Digi centre. I didn't sleep well for 2 days because struggled for the decision.