Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I ordered 3 items from on 11.01.2015 and received the parcel on 10.02.2015. I received USD5 voucher from my previous purchase. The total of my purchase this time was USD43.48. By applying the voucher code, my deposit amount was USD38.48 (RM140.82).

Album: Wonder Woman (AVCD版)
Category: 流行
Label: Warner Music Hong Kong
Release Date: 23.01.2003
Language: 粤语
Singer: 郑秀文
Selling Price: USD9.79

01. 相信自己
02. 實不相瞞
03. 神奇女俠
04. 守株待兔
05. 我也有那個需要
06. 寂寞年華
07. 吉卜賽女郎
08. 喜歡憎你
09. 激安百貨
10. 時間之光

01. 實不相瞞 Music Video
02. 大碟及神奇女俠 CG MV 製作花絮

01. 神奇女俠 CG Music Video
02. 神奇女俠 Making of (Final Version)
03. 神奇女俠 Club Mix (BMP145)

产品名称: 志云饭局 (DVD) (第十二辑) (TVB电视节目)
发行公司: TVBI (HK)

敬备甜酸苦辣 恭候(艺人名称) 同枱品尝 滋味人生


If stars whom everybody would like to know more about, good food, good wine, and sensational chats appeal to you, Be My Guest is definitely the star interview that you will regret if missed.

Firstly, its host is no ordinary host but Stephen Chan, General Manager of Television Broadcasts Limited. Secondly, only those who are real success stories will be invited. Thirdly, unlike conventional talk shows which are usually shot in a studio, this one takes place at the finest restaurants in town where Chan and his guests get to enjoy good food while having a good chat. And last but not least, you get to listen to stars telling you things that have been kept under wraps!

A heavy-weighted host, the hottest guests and the most controversial topics, Be My Guest is definitely a talk show not to be missed.

Album: 真的见证 (超越时代2CD纪念版)
Category: 流行, 摇滚
Label: Universal Music Group Hong Kong
Release Date: 18.11.2014
Language: 粤语
Singer: Beyond
Selling Price: USD19.59

CD 1 真的见证
01. 岁月无声
02. 明日世界
03. 交织千个心
04. 谁是勇敢
05. 勇闯新世界
06. 又是黄昏
07. 无悔这一生
08. 午夜怨曲
09. 千金一刻
10. 无名的歌
Bonus Tracks
11. 又见理想 [岁月无声 demo]
12. Europe [勇闯新世界 demo]
13. Europe [勇闯新世界 demo 家驹版]

CD 2 89伊馆演唱会
01. 逝去日子
02. 午夜怨曲
03. 赤红热血
04. 旧日的足迹
05. 岁月无声
06. 一无所有
07. 大地
08. 无悔这一生
09. 原谅我今天
10. 与妳共行
11. 勇闯新世界
12. 真的爱你
13. 永远等待
14. 再见理想
15. 喜欢你 

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