Saturday, October 24, 2009

First car wash 05.09.2009

I sent my car for car wash at SS2, PJ and took 2 photos using my phone while in the process of cleaning. At the same time, there was another MyVi too. Initially I decided to post them in my blog right after that. However, I only have mood to do so today. That is the reason why no new post in my blog recently. This washing centre offer 5 washes and get 1 free wash. They gave me a loyalty card to keep track the date I send my car there. The card is only valid for 2 months upon card issuance. Until today, I haven't sent my car for car wash again, so I think the promotion is void for me. Normal wash & vacuum cost me RM8 which I think the price is reasonable for me.

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Marilyn said...

When can i take a ride in ur car? ;)