Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nice to watch!

There is not much chance to watch Shirley Kwan singing on the stage in Malaysia. Luckily the sophisticated information technology gives me a chance to watch her old times performance in Hong Kong via internet. At the same time, I am requesting my friend to help me buy her 2006 & 2008 concert DVD, and her latest album released in June 2009 from Hong Kong. Although the price is not cheap, I still want to collect the original version. I just want to support her and I admire her as a female singer who sing with heart.


缘尽 - 刘德华/关淑怡

小城故事,执迷不悔, 真假情话 - 欢乐满东华1993 - 关淑怡/王菲

少女音乐短篇之我和五颗星的约会 1993

梵音+夜迷宫 - 1994香港小姐决赛

1994 TVB Charity Show

加港爱心大连线 1994 - 王菲/林忆莲/关淑怡/周华健/张学友/吕方

情人 - 世界CUP Beyond合拍精神演唱会 1994

千枝针刺在心 - 林子祥/关淑怡

容易受伤的女人 - 龙兄虎弟 - 关淑怡/文章

难得有情人 - 龙兄虎弟

週末任你点TV show, together with Aaron Kwok & Eddie Ng

Beyond 放暑假(3) - 关淑怡

乱了 - 劲歌金曲1995

情憑誰來定錯對. 印象 . 明天你是否依然愛我 - 关淑怡/谭咏麟 @助残扶贫献爱心演唱会1995

Duet with Anthony Wong @ 万众同心公益金 2005

旧情复炽 - 关淑怡/谭咏麟 @星光耀保良 2005

Yesterday and Today, 一切也愿意, Dela, 关于我 - Live 大不同 28.12.2005

Duet with Hacken Lee in 名曲满天星 29.12.2005

明年今日, 凭着爱(关淑怡+黄凯芹+王菀之合唱) - 25届香港金像奖颁奖典礼 08.04.2006

Joey Yung + Shirley Kwan, 11.04.2007

一生中最爱 - CASH音乐成就大奖2007

只得一次 - APM放榜前的一個晚上 07.08.2007

TVBS Singing Contest 30.09.2007

Memorial Show for Lydia Shum, 02.03.2008

三千年前,忘记他 - TVB翡翠歌星贺台庆, 01.11.2008

Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders 爱心无国界 01.04.2011

明星, 当年情, 似水流年 - Duet with Kay Tse in 30th Hong Kong Film Awards 18.04.2011

幻影,細水长流 - 翡翠歌星紅白斗 07.07.2012

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