Monday, February 8, 2010

8 plants bought from Cameron Highlands

Actually I had bought 8 plants for RM10 from the night market at Cameron Highlands. Another 2 cactus plants still need my extra care. I was shocked and felt sad when seeing all leaves from one of my cactus plant suddenly became rot. Initially, I plan to bring back all of them to my hometown during this coming Chinese New Year holiday. However, I guess my mother does not has much spare time to take care of them. Therefore, I have changed my mind.

If I have to choose my favourite plants among them, these are the two.

I located all the plants at the balcony outside of my room since I bought them from Cameron.

I just wish my plants will have healthy growth.

So sad to see my plant is dead without my notice...
The photo above was taken after few weeks time from the day I bought them from Cameron.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they survive and flourish!

-- William