Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner at Japanese restaurant, Kuantan (20.02.2010)

My uncle and dad appear in this photo.

"The foods that we ordered are nice. Want to try?"

"Doctor ask me to do some exercises before having my meal."

"Don't believe that I can finish a large plate of fried rice? Just order one for me, I'll prove it to you!"

My father was suffering from illness before Chinese New Year.

My cousin brother who is in his Form 4 studies. He is 16 years old this year.. He likes to play computer games at home..

"Any other thing that I can eat? I had finished all my meal!"

My eldest niece and mother in this photo.

"Disturbing other people is what I always do..Especially after I have finished my meal."

Photo of my uncle's family. (My brother take this picture with his 10 megapixel camera)

Reprise (I take this picture by my camera with 3.2 Megapixel)

Take a family photo for my sister. However, someone don't want to give his cooperation.

Finally, I take a great group photo for them and then go home.

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