Thursday, December 25, 2014

KunMing Trip 24.12.2014

Took a photo of Dali ancient town in the morning before we leaving back to Kunming city. 

Most of the trees were full of red leaves.We have no chance to see such scene in our country.

After the early dinner, we walked to Green Lake nearby our hostel and enjoyed the evening view there. It is a best season for us to visit Green Lake, KunMing during winter month. During this period, Kunming daytime is still warm and sunny. Green Lake attracts red-pecked seagulls from Siberia who migrate here to escape the arctic chill. They entertain the crowds of visitors as they swoop and dive across the lake. This charming scene, in which man, birds, and nature mingle in such harmony has added to the allure of Green Lake.

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