Monday, December 7, 2009

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

I found few photos from my collection yesterday. I took photos with my colleagues at KLIA after we flied back from Beijing on 11.03.2005 because the waiting time for baggage reclamation at KLIA was longer.

This signboard displays current local time for some famous cities across the world.

After spending plenty of time for immigration, many of the passengers need to wait at baggage reclaim area to collect their luggage and then heading to customs inspection.

Not much people line up at check-in counter after midnight.

20.07.2007 - Prepare to fly to Singapore Changi airport and then transit to Manila. This was my first time traveled to Manila and I had 2 managers and 1 junior staff to accompany me for this trip. This time, I bought a large luggage to bring over all my necessary stuffs.

I used baggage trolley to carry my luggage, laptop bag and my junior's bag after we reached KLIA.

Check point for international departure. Need to show boarding pass and passport to the officers.

Took some photos at KFC restaurant there. We didn't take it for our lunch.

Luxurious car show and promotion on that day.

KLIA is designed and built in line with the 'airport in the forest' and 'forest in the airport' concept.

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