Thursday, December 31, 2009

Try to remember 2009

Just a few more hours to go before we say goodbye to the year of 2009.
Try to remember the year of 2009.
It's nice to remember although it is impossible for me to remember all the thing that happen within this year.

I need to highlight few important things that happen in this year and worth to remember them.
1. Join Facebook and it helps me to connect with all my old friends
2. Bought my first car in July and started to drive back to hometown alone in September
3. Friend bought me Shirley Kwan's products from Hong Kong in November and December
4. Join a new setup company together with all my colleagues in April
5. First Cameron trip in my life happen on 31.12.2009
6. My age turns to 30
7. Join True Fitness Gym located at Sec 14, Petaling Jaya in October to keep myself healthy

Tonight I will join my friend to go to Cameron Highlands. This is my first time to be there. He will come to fetch me at my office after I finish work. Initially I need to work mid night until 5pm on 1/1/2010. Luckily my colleagues are able to handle the works, therefore my holiday plan still can go on. Hopefully I can have some good rest there, since I didn't sleep well for the last few days.

P/S: This morning before I went to work, while I was pouring water to my car, an old woman who stays opposite my house offered some water to me. I felt surprise for this, at the same time it definitely had warmed my heart. A stranger also willing to treat me well. Really appreciate the giving from this generous and kind hearted woman although I didn't accept her offer. Maybe this is the blessing for me to welcome new year 2010.

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Marilyn said...

you really enjoy ur single life...