Tuesday, January 22, 2013

關淑怡「金鎖匙」晒命 19.01.2013


歌手關淑怡前晚在微博上載一條金鎖匙照片,匙上刻有「Performing Art」字樣,匙身則刻着「Opening night」並註有日期。關淑怡以英語留言,原來此鎖匙大有來頭,是「通往」加拿大列治文山中心的禮堂,而她是首位亞洲歌手有通往此地點的「特權」,足見地位!

SK's Intagram:
The key of the main hall at Richmond hill centre.. I'm honor to be the first Asian singers to hv this privilege. For the Richmond hill centre hall only provide ten of this key.. With all superstars that had been performed that received this honorable .. I'm one of them. And this is the last key of the hall symbolize the respect n importance of those great performance singers... I'm the last one n it represent the honor from the Richmond Hill 市政府扮發。IT'S ONE OF MY 珍藏。WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH ALL THE AUDIENCE in Toronto. Love from HK

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