Friday, February 15, 2013

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The beautiful ceiling light inside the function room where my company annual dinner was held at the Prince Hotel & Residence KL.

 Doraemon's board at Pavilion, KL.

Hang out at Pavilion KL, 23/12/2012.

Flowers on sale at Sunway Pyramid.

Entrance of the Garden restaurant at Sunway Pyramid.

Lunch at See Fah Restaurant 世華餐廳 during my HK trip, 02/02/2013.

Steve Wong (黄家强), member of Beyond, which is the most popular HK rock band.

Chinese New Year shopping at Megamall, Kuantan.

Sticker product which I bought from Hong Kong. My mother put it on fridge.

Posted this photo on 14/02/2013 to celebrate Valentine's Day. I passed this pair of statues to my parents few years back.

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