Friday, June 12, 2009

Practice them! (Work)

Enjoying work:
  1. Be busy without being disorganized and weary without being dispirited.
  2. Be busy but happy, and tired but joyful.
  3. It is fine to be busy, just don't let it get on your nerves.
  4. Work swiftly but don't tense up. Relax your body and mind and never tighten up.
  5. Work swiftly in an orderly fashion, never compete with time in a nervous flurry.
  6. To take on tough tasks, one must prepare to tough out complaints and to be in charge is to be in for criticism. Yet complaints help foser compassion and patience, and criticism often holds golden advice.
  7. Stay at ease under all circumstances and give whenever conditions allow.
  8. All the ups and downs of life are nourishing experiences for our growth.
  9. Rectify deviations with wisdom, accommodate others with compassion.
  10. To be accommodating to others is to be accommodating to ourselves.
  11. Pressure usually stems from caring too much about externals and other people's opinion.
  12. Offer your service with a heart of gratitude, as if repaying a kindness, then you won't feel weary of tired.

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