Friday, June 12, 2009

Theory of Life

  1. The meaning of life lies in serving; the value of life in giving.
  2. The value of life is not depend on how long we live but on how much we contribute.
  3. As the past has faded into misty memories and the future remains a dream unrealized, seizing the present is most important.
  4. There is no need to be concerned about the past or future. Live fully in the present and you are connected with both the past and future.
  5. A positive life pivots on modesty; the bigger the ego, the greater the insecurity.
  6. Live up to your role and status, and fulfill your required duties.
  7. In peace and harmony, seize the promise of today and live out a fresh tomorrow.
  8. While worry fuels unnecessary torment, carefulness breeds security.
  9. Wealth is like running water. Giving is like digging a well. Just as the deeper the well, the more water it holds. The more you give, the more wealth you have.
  10. In life, we must make the best preparations, and be ready for the worst.
  11. As long as we still have breath, we have boundless hope, and the breath we have is the greatest wealth.
  12. To transcend the sufferings of birth, old age, and sickness, keep to the three principles: live happily, face illness with a healthy mind, and embrace old age with hope.
  13. To transcend the suffering of death, keep to the three principles: never seek death, never fear death, and never wait for death to come.
  14. Bodily ailments do not necessarily constitute suffering. An unsettled mind does.
  15. What we have now is the best. Whoever can't be satisfied is a poor man, no matter how much he owns.
  16. Vision is derived from wisdom; luck, from blessings.
  17. By just picking up litter and refraining from littering, we are doing meritorious deeds.
  18. To purify the mind, start by reducing desires and knowing contentment; to purify society, start by extending loving care to others.
  19. Be a bottomless trash can that can never be choked by others' mental junk; be a dustless mirror that reflects the world as it is with no distortion.

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