Thursday, February 5, 2009

CNY 2009 in Kuantan

It is been a long time since my last post in Jan 2009, because I am quite busy with my work lately. Hope this new post can satisfy your need. I will update my blog as soon as possible. Please be patient and thanks so much for visiting my blog.

My mother is packing the vegetables to be sold the next day. Every night she has to do this. I also wake up at 6am and go out to help her sell the vegetables in market.

I want to remember what is available in my house, that is why I take some photos to help me keep those things in my mind. At the same time, I can feel like I am staying in the house too although I seldom go back to hometown.

I bought few souvenirs from WangFuJing, Beijing and gave some of them to my relatives during 2005 Chinese New Year celebration. I kept one at my home too. Each of them cost me about RMB35.

This clock is almost same age with me. I was born after parents moved into this house and my relative sent this as a gift for house warming party.

I make some paper airplanes and play with them in the evening before my mother finish preparing the dinner for us.

"I will show you my cute look if I am in a good mood."

"Don't make me angry, else you better watch out!"

Hao: Today is my second sister's birthday. I don't buy her any birthday present but want to be the one to blow candles later.

At the same time, visitors come to my house. They are the babies that my mother babysitted last time.

Take some photos before I blow the candles. However, my little brother already blew out some candles on cake for me.

I attend a gathering with old classmates at Taman Gelora.

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