Monday, February 23, 2009

Green Hills, 14.06.2007

I went to Green Hills shopping centre with 2 of my housemates on a Sunday morning .We took a taxi to reach there and noticed that the driver used a longer way to send us there.

We saw a large sign board near Green Hills shopping centre's entrance. Actually most of the rich people live at this area. I saw many guarded bungalows nearby.

Took a photo outside a toy stop. WWE wrestling action figures are sold in this shop.

The photo above shows the view inside the shopping mall. There are a variety of shops available in it, such as toys, IT gadgets, mobile phones, clothes and shoes, restaurants, entertainment, etc.

It is hard to find Chinese restaurant in Manila. However, I never have my meal at this restaurant. Just wanted to take a photo for myself, so next time will know some of the Chinese restaurants available in Manila.

Married men who do not like shopping, can take a rest and escape from the pressures of modern living at a garden here while waiting for their family members to complete their shopping. This garden is near to a church and planted with many attractive trees.

I bought a shirt for myself while my housemates did not buy anything.

On that night, colleagues who stay at another apartment had a steamboat dinner and invited 3 of us to join. However, we refused to join because we were so tired. We planned to take a little meal for dinner and early sleep.

We had a tea time meal at a restaurant named "Penang Hill" after our long walk. My housemate wanted to has a drink over there, at the same time we could take a short break too. I took a photo on the menu cover of this restaurant. We were glad that they named this restaurant with "Penang Hill" and thought that the owner maybe is a Malaysian. Anyway, it is a good news for local citizens because they have a chance to taste Malaysian foods.

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