Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SM Mall of Asia, 24.05.2007

A beautiful globe model is built in front of the SM Mall. That day, colleague and I take a taxi to reach there. I am attracted by it from far away before we reach our destination.

By the time I visit SM Mall in year 2007, it is the most largest shopping mall in Philippines and seventh largest mall in the world. I am proud to visit it before. However, now it has become second largest mall in Philippines. This is a good news for Philippines because new shopping malls can attract more tourists to visit the country. Thus, increase the income of that country.

My colleague hold the camera for me, I guess he is not shooting photo for me. He tell me that he just wants to take photo of this local fast food restaurant, Jollibee. My manager tell me before that this local fast food restaurant has more business than McDonald's and KFC.

The view inside the mall after I walk in by main entrance.

There are some open air restaurants facing Manila Bay.

An indoor playground for kids.

Mini ferris wheel is available in the mall for all the kids.

Cinema for those movie lovers.

It is quite relaxing to have a cup of coffee here while enjoying the wind blow from the sea.

Take a picture to get a complete view outside of SM mall.

The mall is so large and you definitely need to look for directory board for information.

A buddhist statue is placed outside one of the shop, so I quickly take a photo for it.

I just have lunch with my colleague at a Chinese restaurant. I don't buy anything for myself.

Take a photo outside of the building before leaving back to my apartment. I only go there once during my stay in Manila.

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