Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to Kuala Lumpur 13.01.2009

I will go back to Kuala Lumpur by 8.30pm bus tonite. Will reach bus company's office located at Bangsar in KL about 2am. I hope I can get a taxi for myself later.

Luckily, my old friend who I knew since standard two helps me to carry my luggages from my home and then we take mrt to Novena Square. He come to my house after work from Jurong, quite far from Lavender. I really appreciate for his help. Next time, I will definitely help him whenever he needs me. Last week, he came to my place to meet me. That night, we sat in the park and both of us had a great conversation for few hours. We talked a lot of issues happen in daily life, sharing own opinions and experience to the other. Sometimes, I have unlimited topics to chat with old friends and the conversation is fun for us after we do not meet for a long time.

Only one passenger
I can't believe that I am the only one passenger in the bus include 2 drivers. Really surprise being served as the single passenger and this is my first experience. Malaysia customs officer laugh at me for buying a private bus.

When I reached SG customs, officer told me that I only left 3 days for my visitor's stay. After I reach Lavender mrt station, I walked home and tried to apply online to extend my stay. However, I was not successfully to apply it. Therefore I walked to my office to seek for advice from my admins staff. She told me that I need to go to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority building (near Lavender) to submit my application form. Although I went there, officer told me that I must leave SG within 2 days, no extension is allowed. After all, I received a call from my project manager and he asked me to settle some of the issues with my admins officer. I walked back to office and then made a call to bus company to inquire whether I could change my ticket. Initially my ticket is for 20 Jan and I took mrt to Novena Square after receptionist told me that I was allowed to change my ticket. I walked back to my home after finish changing my ticket. It was a totally busy and tired day for myself after I had spent 5 hours journey to reach SG from KL since 8am this morning.

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