Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum, 中国人民革命军事博物馆 03.09.2005

I went to the military museum with my colleague when we stationed in Beijing. He has great interest to visit it, so we just follow him in order to spend our weekend. He wanted to visit it since long time ago. Anyway, I never intend to visit military museum because I don’t like weapon and war. I am a peace lover. Therefore, I do not like to see real weapon that being used to kill and harm people lives. People who suffer from war lost their family, lover, wealth and country. I feel that I am lucky to stay in a safe country without having any war right after I was born.

On the other hand, weapons are used to protect the country from being attacked by enemy. It also can save people lives. I think the most important thing is people do not have violence thinking in their mind and do not use weapon to archive their bad intentions.

In the museum, I could see various types of guns, bullets, bombs, knives, army trucks, planes, tanks, other military vehicles and weapons. Collection of documents, photographs and historical information are exhibited too. After the visit, I really admire the people for their ability to invent such sophisticated weapons at old time. At the same time, I got chance to know more about World War II and history of China.

A warship was placed in front of museum. We climbed up on it to take a look and photography.

The Chinese do not know how to love and care for the cultural relic. I do not discover they climbed up the tank to take photograph, although has already put the parapet there. This make me feel that they do not have the order and show their barbarism for not obeying rules.

There are many notable and historical personages' wax figure exhibited in another room at second floor in the museum. Suddenly the sense of arts, the literature and the heroic spirit had filled up my thoughts and heart.

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