Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photo taken on 03.01.2009

Today I go out with my ex-colleague to a place called Fort Canning Park. It is a historical park, nothing much to see. However, it is a better place for me to visit than spending time in any shopping complex. I can see many old trees, plants with big leaves and some wood carvings. At the same time, we see a long hair model having a photo shooting there. Many photographers took photo of her at the same place with different posture. I plan to take a photo to help describe the scene, but was not allowed to.

We see a woman playing badminton with a boy in the park. When we go near them, the woman invites me to play with the boy and quickly pass the racket to me before I react. After I play a while with the boy, my colleague gives me a sign for leaving the game. Thus, I return the racket to that woman and continue our walk in the park. My colleague ridicules me for being popular in auntie level. However, I guess that the woman is tired and need to take a break after playing with the boy only.

At Clarke Quay, we visit the Central shopping mall nearby. After that, we take a free shuttle bus to Raffles Place. We walk to Marina Bay from Raffles Place, just to take the photo with Merlion. If don't take photo there, still not consider has been visited to Singapore.

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Chin Chong said...

Vincent, how come you can take future photo??