Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sentosa 04.01.2009

I didn't buy any tickets for entrance, therefore these are the only photos that I could take in Sentosa. Maybe due to the same reason, I feel that Sentosa is not attracted to me. The walking area is not that wide and the road is small too. I can see the man made beach, many people have their own activities there, such as sun bake, swim, playing cards and games,. Most of them are playing volleyball. I see some little fishes in the shallow sea because the water is clear and clean. Although that time is 4.10pm, I still sweat a lot while walking under the hot sun and heat. At another direction, I can see many large ships, this make me feel that this is not a wonderful seaside and beach view for myself. I prefer to enjoy seeing totally natural beach and seaside view without plenty of large ships because this gives me a feel of "commercial". Before leaving Sentosa, my friend and I have ice-blended coffee at Starbucks. After that, we go to Vivo city shopping complex for dinner.

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