Thursday, March 5, 2009


"I will always be there whenever you need me. This is what we called **friend**."

"Itchy? Let me help you. However, you must pay me for the service."

"Please papa, don't leave me behind! Believe me, I will be a good boy."

"Yummy.. The finger is so attractive for me."

"Is this child yours? What happen to him? He can't get his favorite toys?"

"Oh God! Why he leave me? I can't live any longer without him!"

"I am small in size but I can scare you off!"

"I have to work harder to feed a big family of 20."

"Can't you just wait until tonight? People are watching us now."

"My dear, let us celebrate after my face-lift."

"Though I am still young, I know where you are eyeing ....."

"The new Titanic. You jump I jump."

"This has got nothing to do with the length of my tongue."

"Kungfu fighting. Want to try it out?"

"I am still sleepy, .. z .. Z .. z .."

"This is the good time for me to run away from him!"

"My new toilet bowl. Who want to try it?"

"You are too young to become my chicken meal..."

"I've got my hair done at the famous hair salon across the road! They told me that this is the latest hair style in town."

"I told you not to pull my ears before, didn't I?"

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