Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walk to Beijing office 11.09.2005

Last night, my friend told me that he couldn't recognize my look when we chatted in MSN. He claimed that my look is different after he viewed my photos here. He thought that he was chatting with another friend named "Vincent" too.

After the chat, I found out some old photos from my DVD disc. While on the way walking to Beijing office, I took some photos near my apartment. As shown in the photos, I bought the same design shirts with different color at WangFuJing. One of them is yellow color and another one is in dark blue. If I am not mistaken, this 2 shirt cost me RMB30. I found the cartoon is so cute, therefore, I wanted to own it. Whenever I wore this yellow shirt and went to crowded area, my colleagues could spot me easily because it is a noticeable color. Now, I don't know where did I put this yellow shirt. Hopefully I still able to wear it because the shirt is getting smaller in size (I am still in my growing stage, haha..).

Each block of apartment has 4 floors only. After some of my team mates returned to Malaysia, I moved to a new apartment unit and which had glass walls all around the room. My colleague then laughed and compared me to living in an fish aquarium.

There is a garden located at second floor.

Few blocks of residential apartment nearby.

I was standing at the second floor. You can see another larger garden which is located in the apartment blocks central area.

JIN BAI WAN restaurant opposite my apartment. Beside the restaurant is a barracks.

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