Tuesday, March 3, 2009


"It is a comfortable chair for me to sit on."

"How nice if I can bring this back to my house, haha.."

I am deathly scared of reptile animals such as snake and crocodile because they can harm my life.

I don't dare to stay near to a swarm of crocodiles if there is no fence.

Greeting from a cobra when I approached it.

Wood carvings and sculptures for sale.

A beautiful white parrot sitting on a tree limb.

I took a photo on the ship. It was a hot sunny day and hard for me to open my eyes.

A large wooden ship is located near Malacca town area.

Everyone who had visited Malacca would take some photos at this park.

"I wish to board a plane and visit other countries during school holiday. Let me tell parents tonight."

A Farmosa is an attractive place for visitor to take photo. I took photo when visited Malacca more than 10 years ago. That time, I was still a kid, now is my nieces (new generation) to take picture at the same place. Time flies!

"What happen if the guy standing behind me open his mouth and talk to me? ..."

Costumes for government servants at old times.

"My grandmother buy me a small fan, so I must use it anytime, anywhere."

Collection of historic photos are displayed in the museum.

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