Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck,北京大董烤鸭店 20.10.2004

After we had placed our order, I purposely took a photo with the receipt. Thus I will be able to recall the unique dishes served by this restaurant and their prices as well in the future.

All of us loved the food so much and we all agreed that we would be happy to take our meal here everyday.

Great calligraphy work was displayed near entrance. They started the 2 sentences with restaurant name.

We went there few times for dinner. If we do not make reservation, we are required to sit in front of the full glass window near main entrance and wait for the table to get cleared. There was a row of chairs for sitting. We felt that we acted as shop display items while we sat there.

The chef will slice the duck in front of us. I have to look for all my old photos before I can post them here.

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