Tuesday, March 3, 2009

National Zoo

A: "What are you doing at my back?"
B: "Just want to find out whether you clean your butt after toilet."

Different species of birds have their own activities in the lake. Some of them are resting, drinking , eating and stretching their wings.

"I wish I can grow stronger than elephant in the future."

"When can I gain the same height as giraffe?"

Sin : "Look! There are some animals approaching us. You steal their food?"
Yi : "You can't see me..You can't see me ...."

Took a photo for my mother, auntie and nieces near a lake after we reached National Zoo.

"What a good day for me to sleep."

Sin : "Oh, so tired for today's walk. Do some body stretching first."

"So boring and lonely to stay here..How unlucky I am.."

"Don't sleep first and please wait for me. My body still wet!"

"Do you notice that people keep looking at us although we try to hide ourselve?"

"I am ugly, but I am very gentle. Why nobody want to give me some food?"

"Do you want to have a race with me?"

"Why so many silly people want to disturb me resting? They don't have other thing to do?"

"Please give me some money, I am very hungry now and want to buy banana for my lunch. 4 bananas cost me RM2.50."

"Am I too fat to climb up this thing? I know one thing for sure, I am more cute than the one on top of me, hehe.."

"They said I am the most handsome creatures in the zoo, don't you agree that?"

"Opps.. someone take a photo of me while I am drinking water."

"I am so happy because nobody disturb me for half day. Where do all my friends go?"

"Yo! Finally I have seen all the animals in the zoo."

Four girls standing in front of my auntie's house to take a photo and this shows that close relationship will never ends. That night, all my relatives stayed at my auntie's house and went to Malacca the next day.

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