Monday, October 27, 2008

Genting, 15-04-2006

Listen to me now
Most of the time, I concentrate in the work and seldom visit to any places in Malaysia. I went to Genting with my colleagues on 15 Apr 2006. There were about 10 of us joined the trip. Genting is located in Pahang state, West Malaysia, is full of various excitement games & entertainment. People can shops here, plays in the theme park, or have a Starbuck coffee and nice chat with friend while enjoying the coolness during 12am. What a wonderful experience when a group of us do this at 12 am and enter to casino after the hot coffee. After the plays in casino, we win some money and able to have a nice buffet the next day.

1. Take photo with 2 of my ex colleagues and decide what is our next destination & activities. Each of us gave the nice smile to Genting.

2. 4 of us were in a group, preparing to have a joy ride and the exciting game. Take out our spectacles first.

3. Take a photo again before we move into the entrance. However, our friend disappear after the game because she don't know the way to get out!

4. Took a photo at First World Hotel. What a colourful bulding!

5. His name is Alan, you can call him Alan!

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