Monday, October 6, 2008

Who is the lucky guy?

Last month (September), I spent so much to buy some albums because Universal music group hold a promotion to lower down prices for particular albums. Most of the albums I bought are compilation albums. At the same time, I participated their “Spot Universal Music Artist” contest. Each receipt with purchase more than RM50 is entitled to send one form, so I was able to send 2 forms. So far, I never have a chance to win any prizes from the contest that I participate or in any lucky draw event. I made inquiry to the Universal Music because the form does not mention at all the way to submit the form.

The only prize that I received is a Beyond Sound CD, I received it from Carlsberg Hot Trax. This CD is a promotional copy and members’ signatures are printed on the CD. This CD is meaningful to me because this was the second album released after the main vocal passed away. I still keep it with me and wish that it wouldn’t spoil.

Beyond Sound

Last year when I was working in Manila, I received a prize from my project manager because he draw me in the Christmas party's lucky draw. I was so happy on that day because I never win in any lucky draw. I am not a lucky guy. I was so excited on that night. I can’t imagine that this could happen on me. In this case, the prize is not important to me, the main reason is I believe that myself started to become a “Lucky” guy. The person who led me to be lucky is that project manager. I really appreciate the chance given to me and change my history. However, this project manager already resigned and I also found a new job too. I will remember him forever in my life.

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