Friday, October 17, 2008

Singapore Trip

I will go to Singapore for work on 20 Oct 2008. Even though I stay in Malaysia and it is so near to Singapore (Sg), this is my first time travel to Sg. During July 2007 till April 2008, I was based in Manila for project and always take Singapore Airlines for transport, so I need to transit at Changi Airport. I never go out from the airport to pay a visit at Sg. This time, I will travel alone there. So people who stay in Sg may see my face appear there. Most probably will in the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Sg will be the third country that I travel to in my life. The first country is China and the second is Philippines. I only travel for work, not for personal trip. I really wish to travel around the world when I am able to make it.
My mother brought my brother and sister visited Sg long time ago when they are kid. I was not able to join them because I was a small kid at that time. It was not convenient if she brought me along.

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