Monday, October 27, 2008

Badaling Great Wall, 八达岭 (03.05.2005)

1. What a magnificent project to build up Great Wall! How thrilling!

2. Don't try this if you are not well trained!

3. At the car park. Can't imagine it is a car park right? I just took the photo and face to other direction, hehe..

4. After went to the Great Wall, I became a hero, just I don't purchase the certificate.

5. I felt faint after I climbed the Great Wall, maybe I lack of exercise and no stamina. The steps have not the same height, one is quickly exhausted. Other parts of the path are sloping. Do not forget to bring good shoes when you visit there next time.

6. An entrance and you can see many visitors because it was a long holiday in China for first week of May.

7. Took a nice photo shooting at the longest staircase in the world. Any comment for this picture?

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