Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to work in SG (28.10.2008)

I back to Singapore again on 28 Oct with 8am bus. I called the bus ticket hotline on Sunday noon and had been told that only 1 seat was available. They don’t allow reservation except purchase ticket online with credit card. Since it was the last seat, I quickly ride my motorcycle to the ticket counter to get it at short time. The bus fare is RM80, I was given a light breakfast set and a hot drink during the journey. Initially, I guess lunch will be served, thus the bus fare is higher than the first bus which I took on 20 Oct and its' fare was only RM45.

The feeling is not good when back to work after a holiday. Back to workMy friend from Taiwan called me while I was in the bus. He talked to me regarding the blog that I wrote and expressed his idea to me too. I was happy because never expected he would gave me a call. I was so surprised and felt satisfy when there is someone who appreciate my writing and sharing of some thoughts at my space.

I sat at the last row in the bus. I saw 2 old Caucasian women sat in front of me, one of them put her bear toy at the seat and even brought it to the Customs checkpoint at Johor Bahru. I was so curious when saw it and thinking whether the woman is a friend of Mr. Bean?

I like bear

After I reached Sg, I quickly took MRT to client site for work. However, I received a call and an incident had happened. This incident gave me a lesson to be bewaring in everything in my life especially while at working environment. I should practice everything in formal way and follow the procedures, if any.


Today, I take a picture for client site’s building after my lunch. It is a new building and the design is unique. They just move into this building recently. The security is so tight here, need to show the access card to guard before is allowed to enter the lift. I work in the IT department and every doors need to present the access card to grant access, even toilet. This is new to me. However, I will feel troublesome for this.



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