Friday, November 7, 2008

Dinner with bank users, (29.10.2004)

1. Table was full of dishes ordered by users but my ex-company paid the bill.

2. Four of us took a photo after the dinner. We couldn’t finish all the dishes. Finally, most of dishes were wasted.

3. We took a photo with users after the alcohol drinks. Someone got drunk on that day.

4. We requested a band to perform in our room, they sang & played traditional musical instruments.

5. A photo for our team members.

6. All of us took a group photo at restaurant's entrance after the dinner and then went home.

7. We had a big gap with users, as shown in the picture.

8. A photo without my spectacles.

9. The restaurant’s name is 西贝莜面村 located at 西翠路. This restaurant offers Chinese Northwestern Cuisine, mainly dishes made of mutton. Waitress from the western part of China can sing folk songs. They also have song-requesting service.

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