Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Snow In Beijing 23.02.2005

I live in Malaysia which has an equatorial climate, giving it a warm and wet weather due to its proximity to the equator. Humidity is a common feature, which can be duly expected from its proximity to waters. With the exception of highlands, the climate is by and large moderately hot and extremely sultry.

When I stayed in Beijing, I had experienced the life with 4 seasons which I couldn't have it in my own country. The most excited season for me is winter because I can touch the snow, play and have fun with snow. However, large amount of snows fall can bring inconvenience and became major headache for the city's gardeners in daily life. The roads become slippery, causing traffic jam, bring great danger and harm to the road users, environment also become dirty after the snow melt. Residents have been kept busy trying to salvage thousands of trees straining under the weight of the snow and removing broken branches.

The first snowfall of the winter in Beijing is always a big story in the media every year. It came a bit late this year. After inaccurate weather forecasts about the first snowfall twice this year, most newspapers became cautious on this topic. Finally the day had come and I enjoyed the first beautiful snow scenery in my life.

Day time:

Most of us were not feeling well when back to the office room after we went out to play snow. We catch a cold and luckily we didn’t fell sick. Normally, every building will turn on the warm air heating equipment during winter season. I found it was interesting when the air-conditioning in China can provide cold and warm for different needs which I don’t have any knowledge about this.

Night time:

Each of us was excited to see the real snow when it first came because we had waited for so long. We stopped our work and walked out from the room to take pictures and felt the snow. We were mad for the snow and had fun as much as we could while bank users behaved moderate.

Scenes after the snow:

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