Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Summer Palace, 頤和園 (17.04.2005 & 29/05/2005)

You can pay a visit to Summer Palace if you want to escape from busy and routine life. For local residents, they will visit it when the hot summer season comes. It is the best-kept existing royal garden in Beijing. With a concentration of the best of ancient buildings as well as styles of gardening, it is a virtual museum of traditional Chinese gardening too. The total area is 290 hectares, and the buildings are measured in over 3,000 bays. The main features of the Summer Palace are Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill. It was divided into three main zones, halls for political affairs, living quarters and religious buildings.
The Painting Walkway found in the Summer Palace, or more commonly known as the Covered Walkway, is one of the most important structures in it. It is the longest walkway in the Chinese gardens with 728 meters long and it is divided into 273 sections. On the beams and crossbeams of the walkway, there are altogether over 14, 000 traditional Chinese paintings.

I had visited it twice. We spent almost a day there, there’s so much to see and enjoy in the gardens, buildings and waterways. The arched bridges, pretty promenades, decorated corridors and breezeways all lead us through ever-changing views and scenery.

The landscaped gardens, temples and pavilions were designed to achieve harmony with nature, to please the eye.

Marble Boat, which was built for the 50th birthday celebration of Empress Dowager Ci'x. Its delicacy in design makes it a special attraction to us. As you can see, I took picture near Marble Boat for the 2 times visits.

This is the photo when everybody stood in front of camera and not ready for the photo-shooting.


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