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Forbidden City I 紫禁城 (12.09.2004)

I went to Beijing on 4 Sep 2004 for a project. That is my first time to take a plane to overseas and also first time leaving my own country. That day, I took the morning flight together with 4 colleagues. However, they obtain front seat and I sat at the last row in the plane. I felt so lonely along the journey because nobody can talk to. We went into client office located at 海淀区 after we reached Beijing. I still can remember that we worked until 1am for the first day. We helped manager to do the translation on the system functional requirement document in order to present to client. Although we busy with the project development, we still able to spend some time to pay visit around Beijing city. This Beijing trip gave me a lot of sweet and valuable memories because work and travel with such a big group of colleagues. I gained more experience for work and life too. Life is a process of learning, therefore, I will always learn from daily experiences that I encounter.

During the second week in Beijing, we had a chance to visit Forbidden City. It was a home of the Emperor, ceremonial and political centre of Chinese government from the mid-Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. We booked few vans to bring all of us there. Forbidden City was full of visitors who came from all over the world. It was difficult for us to take nice picture without captured other visitors. We took a lot of pictures there. I didn’t own a digital camera at that time, thus need to request my colleagues to take pictures for me. Luckily, there were many cameramen among us who willing to take some pictures for me. Finally, I can post pictures to my blog from my collection .

1. It was quite a big group of us involved in the project development team

2. There was a little garden house built on the big rock

3. Took a picture at the back entrance in Forbidden City, it became the Palace Museum and stored collections of artwork and artifact

4. Opposite of Forbidden City is another tourist spot to visit too.

5. I always being laughed by colleagues because I always brought plastic bag when went to any places. However, I notice that my colleague also use plastic bag as shown in this picture

6. A lot of artifacts can be found there, this is one of them

7. There are many gates & doors surrounding the city and this is for security purpose

8. The muzium of highest-ranking imperial concubine

9. Cannons at my back are located near the main entrance, should be used to protect the city

10. All the entrances were guarded by imperial guards in the past and strangers were not allowed in

11. Still a long distance before we reached the main building in the city

12. Magnificent buildings and I like them very much

13. The architecture of the Forbidden City has a real antique feel to it.

14. Somewhere in the garden

15. Paid a visit to the city is just like consulted historical documents, quite interesting and beneficial to us

16. While waiting for the transport to send us home, we quickly took a group picture before we left

17. When everybody was not ready for the photo shot…

18. We took a group picture before entered the city, all of us were so excited

19. Roadside opposite the city

20. Took a short break because the city is too huge to walk around

21. A secluded and beautiful courtyard

22. The rays of the setting sun slanted through the trees

23. Outside of 乾清宫, visitors are not allowed to go in

24. I guess this is a clock used at old times

25. The view inside 乾清宫

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