Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fragrant Hills Park , 香山公园 (24.10.2004)

1. We took cable car to reach halfway up of the hill and then walk to the hilltop. Sitting in the cable car, I felt as though the world was spinning.

2. By the time we got near the top of the hill, we were all out of breath because there was a sea of people. They took photo, played game, resting and chatting. Everybody was busy with their own activities. The place was awfully busy.

3. Took a photo after we had a long queue and finally able to get the tickets for cable car.

4. The entrance for a temple near Fragrant Hills.

5. Some of us walked down from the top of the hill. Only four of my colleagues waited for long queue there.

6. Along the way, we have a lot of topics to talk. It was fun and we never realize that we could reach foot of the hill within short time. It was a great exercise for us.

7. However, we waited for our 4 colleagues to reach foot of the hill more than few hours.

8. While waiting for them to get home, we took a lot of photos with different pose & nice smile at countless location. Can’t you see that?

9. Although we don’t saw the maple leaves there, it was still an enjoyable and fun trip for us. I just visited Fragrant Hills for one time only.

10. The Temple of Azure Clouds (碧云寺), also called Fragrant Hills Temple of Azure Clouds was first built during the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368), located outside the north gate of Fragrant Hills Park. The area around the temple features several places of historic interest and some breathtaking scenery. Located near the northern end of Fragrant Hills Park, this is a particularly nice place to take a break from the hectic pace of city life. Outside the temple gate is a stone bridge, under which runs a deep gully filled with tall locust trees and with willows gracing both sides.

11. I had a cheerful mood when saw flowers in full bloom everywhere.

12. We took a photo near the cable car station before we rode it.

13. We reached the peak by taking a cable car. it was a great way to take in the beautiful scenes. The view was cool, although smog was covering most of it. Are you brave enough to ride the cable car as shown in the picture?

14. Everybody showed a smiley face to take some photos in order to prove that we successfully reached the top of Fragrant Hills by cable car.

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