Monday, December 29, 2008

27 - 28 December 2008 SG - JB - SG

8 - 9 am
Take my breakfast and wash my clothes using washing machine after wake up. Online to chat with friends and surf internet.

11 am
Try to rest on bed because have running nose again. This few days I always have running nose. I take the pils which I bought when I went back to Kuala Lumpur.

12 - 1 pm
Go out to take lunch, then walk to mrt station. Go to Orchard to help my friend buy something.

2 - 4 pm
Walk along Orchard road and some of the shopping complexes nearby. Every shopping complex is crowded with shoppers. I feel like lack of fresh air and start sweating, causing my shirt get wet. There are a lot international branded boutiques. Finally I walk into Kinokuniya bookstore. Look at some of the books that I am interested to spend some time before go home. It is hot and I need to walk back home from mrt station. Thus I sweat a lot when reach home. Switch on my laptop and post some of Beyond's photos to my blog.

4 - 5 pm
Take a shower and prepare my stuffs because I will go to Johor Bahru to meet my ex-schoolmate. This is my second meet with him since I stay in Singapore. Before that, he always invites me to go to his place when I base in KL, I never confirm with his invitation. Start to walk to Queen Street near Bugis area to take bus number 170.

5 - 6.30 pm
In the bus, on my way to SG Imigration. The bus stops for many stations along the journey. At last, reach Imigration check point and I queue up.

6.30 - 7.55 pm
After finish the procedure, I see a long queue to get bus to JB. I make a wrong queue and finally can get into a bus to send me to Johore new customs building. Really happy to be back to my own country, although my country is not that modern and sophisticated. At least I won't feel the congestion and non freedom. I contact my friend few times to inform him that I will be late and he is waiting for me at exit of Johore Customs building. The new building is connected with City Square shopping complex.

7.55 - 9.20 pm
My friend bring me to the parking, we get into his car and go for dinner. He bring me to a famous place to have "nasi lemak" at a Malay residential area near seaside. Many customers in the restaurant, some of them are Singaporean too. After long time waiting, we get our orders. While waiting for the dishes to be served, we chat a lot and the communication within us is good. Maybe we have the same topics and interests. We have unlimited topic to talk.

9.20 - 10.25 pm
After the late dinner, he drive me home. His house is located at University Garden because near to University of Technology Malaysia. We plan the activities for 28/12 in the car.

10.25 - 12.15 am
After reach his house, we have a rest and then take a shower. I copy some photos that he took for me when we were in hometown from his computer. I also rip songs from his 2 CD. We prepare to sleep at 12am. After lying on bed, we still have some chat.

Keep on moving*********************************************Keep on moving

8 - 9.20 am
I already awake, but still lying on bed. We go for breakfast with another ex-schoolmate after my friend wake up.

9.20 - 10.15 am
We go to a temple to pray because I feel that I am in bad luck for quite a long time.

10.15 - 12.15 am
We go to City Square again. We go into Popular bookstore, CD Rama department to browse some albums. My friend wait for his housemate to pass back the key of his room.

12.15 - 2.15 pm
We go to Neway Karaoke Box to enjoy singing. It is a long time that I don't sing. Last time I always had k-lunch with my colleagues. At first I sing some of Sammi Cheng's songs, then we continue with Faye Wong's songs. My friend told me that it is not easy for him to sing Faye's song with his friends because none of his friend like Faye Wong. Therefore, he is happy because can sing so much Faye's songs with me. I understand how is the feeling when not having the same idol within a group of friends. We enjoy the singing and lunch because just 2 of us in the room. We can behave whatever we like. I still able to sing 2 Shirley Kwan's songs before I leave.

2.15 - 4 pm
We go to Popular bookstore again because I need to buy some books in order to eligible myself for income tax deduction. I buy a collection series of Doraemon. My friend will send the books that I buy to my home during coming Chinese New Year holiday.

4 - 5.30 pm
We go to Secret Recipe to enjoy cakes. I sit there to read magazine and my friend read his newspaper. 4 Koreans sit next to us.

5.30 - 8.20 pm
I decide to go back to SG. After saying goodbye to my friend, I walk to JB Customs and then line up to wait for bus to go to SG. Suddenly I have a feel like go back to prison after being released. After reach SG Imigration, all are long queues. Really hate to waste time in queuing and waiting at imigration counter. I take the bus to reach Queen Street again, then walk to Jalan Besar. Before go home, I take my dinner at food junction.


NJ said...

Friend, your Doraemon still lack of VOl 9 (is 9 with you?) , 12, 20, 31 & 44.

Vincent Chow said...

Ok, so the full list will be 7, 9, 12, 20, 31 & 44.. Not sure the total of this collection..