Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beijing 17.01.2007 - 07.02.2007

After stayed for 13 months in Beijing, I was assigned back to Kuala Lumpur and joined local project in Nov 2005. However, users from Beijing complaint about our system and enhancement needed to be done. Thus, I had been requested to go there and made the modification due to all my teammates already left my ex-company. It was a year for me to stay in Malaysia and didn’t travel to overseas. The last few nights before I flied to Beijing, it was hard for me to get asleep. Suddenly, I felt frighten and pressure to modified existing system which was currently in used. There were some pimples grew on my face, luckily can’t be seen in the photos. I think I have a magical camera that can make ugly people to look more attractive and vice versa.

Took a photo with my China local staff.

Entrance for our working room, actually it is a meeting room.

Main entrance at Youth Lake Park -- 青年湖公园, 位于北京市东城区安定门外路西

The look of mine after I took out cooling hat. Seems like I had set my hair in saloon.

城市霓虹灯火 怎麼能淹没挣扎和寂寞 到底有谁在乎真偽 爱那麼彻底还心碎 每个美梦飘忽难懂 每个承诺如此的朦朧


Carrefour at Zhongguancun/Zhong Guan Cun, Zhongguancun is a technology hub in the northwestern part of Beijing, known as "the Silicon Valley of China".

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