Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big Pizza, 比格比萨 1.02.2005

That night, we were thinking of what meal to take for dinner. Since there was a colleague joined us temporary for Beijing project, then we made decision to bring him to enjoy a pizza buffet at Big Pizza, located at Haidian Area(海淀区), Wudaokou (五道口). We quickly made a reservation for a big table in order to fit big gang of us.

It was a good time for us to enjoy dinner and chats at the same time in Big Pizza shop. This helps to enhance relationship and build team spirit among each of us.

All of us felt full and satisfied after the buffet dinner. We also finished most of the chicken wings in short time. The chicken wings are roasted in different flavors.

We took some photos by the roadside while waiting to get taxi to send us home. Although we took a lot of calories into our body, we still not able to defend cold climate. We only could show our face when went out during winter season.

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