Monday, December 15, 2008

Pangkor Island, 15.07.2006

I went to Pulau Pangkor with my ex-colleagues in year 2006. It is the hometown for one of them. At first, we drove 2 cars to his house on early Saturday morning from Kuala Lumpur. We visited his house, had some chat and looked at his photo albums. We went for lunch at restaurant nearby and go to supermarket to buy the groceries in order to bring to the island.

We parked our cars at a complex near seaside. We went to the island by ferry and it is the most important transport to connect with residents in island. Along the way to island, we could see the natural beauty of Malaysia’s sea, some other small islands around it, fishing boats. We walked to our accommodation after we reached Pangkor island. At the halfway, we stopped a while to enjoy some laksa noodle and ice kacang at a shop due to the sunny weather. After the little meal, we decided to get a van to send us to the guest house because still had a long distance to go. We unloaded our light luggage once we got into our own rooms. We rest for a while and planned for the next activity. We switched on television and air conditioner, sat on the sofa, suddenly nobody wanted to go out for a hot sun.

We walked to the beach about 4pm and saw some people offering banana boat service. After bargain with the owner, we rode on the boat. We put life jacket on us and the boat owner told us some stories and legends about Pangkor. He brought us for a sightseeing boat tour and then to a place for swimming. After swimming, he brought us to a safety place to start our banana boat adventure. It was pulled by the speed boat and we had chance to explore the warm and blue seawater. Speed boat always gave us surprise movement while we were riding on our boat. The ride was exciting, fun and brought us memorable experience.

After the marine activities, we were back to the beach and saw some local teenagers were playing volleyball there. They asked us to have a game with them. We agreed. Although we lost in the game, we had fun and wonderful time. Each of us had contributed ourselves so much in the game even we didn’t know how to play volleyball. After the game, we took some photos at the seaside and then went back to take bath and dinner.

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