Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beijing Botanical Garden 北京植物园, 23.05.2005

The name of "Beijing Botanical Garden" carved very nicely into a big rock located near main entrance, so that you will remember the AAAA-level tourist sight spot that you are visiting.

Sometimes, choosing a right place to take photo is an important factor. As you can see from the photo, an ugly man like me look more attractive than as usual.

There is a bridge on top of the small artificial waterfall.

Don't worry, I just sit on the rocks to take photo, not fell down from the staircase.

桃花王 = King of peach flower or someone who can attract many admirers? I prefer the last.

If I am not mistaken, after this entrance, there is a temple and musuem for Buddhist. You can find out when and how buddhist started in China.

It is a suitable place for you to watch the eye-pleasing scenery surrounding this enchanting wonder of nature. Suddenly think of Shirley Kwan has a new song named "山水" (Mountain & water) in her coming new album. Must be very relaxing when listen to her song and watching the beautiful scenery at the same time.

透出 荷叶里 清秀色
化开了一切 似水银变色
潇洒看水陆染色 渗得出刺激
在卷进写意境界 洗涤压迫
听得到 闹市外灿烂出风雅
畅快得 绣上单身小暗花
爱上它 上水彩色雪花
擦过 孤单单 火花
泼开 扫胭脂手势
你像我像 你像放得低
镜面 发光的天际
对倒 暗哑的海底
Loneliness is full of life
Loneliness itself full of life
美得 发光的天际
Even loneliness is full of life
Loneliness itself full of life

Some statues of historical people can be found there. I need to refer to the sign board to know who are them.

Some words and quotes are carved on the rock, giving me poetic sense.

The park cultivating more than 10,000 species of plants and is divided into special categories park, the area of greenhouse flowers, bonsai garden and arboretum.

The park is waiting for you to escape from the noise and smoke of the city. You can breathe the fresh air and rest there but not to sleep.

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