Friday, May 8, 2009

Color Blindness

When I was standard 3 in primary school, I went through an free eyes examination at school held by Ministry of Health, Kuantan. I had been informed by medical staff that I am a color blindness patient and in the category of Red-green color blindness. During the examination, the staff open a book for me to see and I had to tell her what was the numbers in it. However, I found it was quite difficult to see the number in every pages due to my inability to perceive differences between some of the colors. I felt ashamed and embarrassed to have this disability caused by genetic nature. There is no treatment for color blindness, thus made me feeling inferior in my childhood days.

For self-testing:
What is the number in each of the 4 pictures below??

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4


Anonymous said...


失败或成功, 不是终点,而只是另一段路程的启发点。


Ban said...

Psssst, the first one is not a number!

Vincent Chow said...

Here are the answers for the test ~~

Plate 1
Those with normal color vision should not be able to read any number.
Most of those with red-green deficiencies should read the number 5.
Those with total color blindness can not read any number.

Plate 2
Those with normal color vision should read the number 29.
Those with red-green deficiencies read the number 70.
Those with total color-blindness can not read any number.

Plate 3
Number 6.

Plate 4
Number 74.

Vincent Chow said...

Congratulation to Ban because you have a normal color vision..

So you will not understand how I feel.