Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dry Eyes

I am suffering from Dry Eyes, maybe due to my profession is related to Information Technology.

I used to work in front of my computer for long hours and my first visit to eyes specialist was in 2006.

This specialist was recommended to me by my ex-colleague. He also suffering some eye problems. I had tried with few other eyes specialists. Normally, the first question asked by the doctors was whether I am a contact lenses user. I told them I never wear it. Dry eyes often occurs on older people. Doctors felt very strange because it happened on a young guy like me too.

I think of some possible causes that lead me to have this illness:
  • Imbalance of tear-flow system
  • Structural problems with the eyes that don't allow them to close properly when sleeping
  • Natural aging process (Once again, this prove that I am getting old!)
  • working long hours at the computer

Dry Eyes giving me the experience from:
  • Burning/Pain
  • Light sensitivity
  • A gritty sensation
  • A feeling of a foreign body or sand in the eye
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Blurring of vision
  • Increased discomfort after periods of reading, watching TV, or working on a computer (especially during night time)
Doctors told me that it can't be cured permanently, I have to take ongoing steps to treat it, such as:
  • lubricating eye drops which prescribed by the doctor
  • When reading, watching television or working at the computer, I need to stop periodically – about once every 20 minutes – to blink my eyes and give them a break
  • Sit away from blasting air vents or turn the vents away from me when in the car. Heating or air-conditioning can dry out my eyes quickly. I sit at the place which facing the air conditioned when working in Manila last time. Thus, I will avoid to do it again.
  • Drink lots of water to keep my body hydrated
  • Take more vegetables that rich in Vitamin A, C & E, eyes supplement for eye health
  • Reduce the time facing computer
  • Sleep early to keep my eyes well rested and healthy. (Although I always feel sleepy and tired on the next day when I sleep early)
I had decided to leave my current profession and look for a new job in other industries. I even can't face computer for long time nowadays.


Ah Jian said...

Good to have some alternative job other than IT, even though to start changing, its not easy. You know the IT world is the 'suffer' world that you can come in easily and not easy to go out. So take this as an alternative. God bless you.

(My alternative is to be pilot, cause i like airplane. But the bad is... am too old to be in cadet pilot. Haha...)

Marilyn said...

Fren, I really need you to take good care... Today, 4 more days to year 2010, and you still in IT. Please get more rest. Make sure you rest your eye every 20 minutes... I want you always to see the beauty of life, the beauty of the world...